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Jeremie Guy’s LCS Story

Alumni & Author

I graduated from Lanham Christian School back in 2006, and I can honestly say that attending Lanham gave me the foundation I needed to get my life on track.

My teachers¬†always provided the support I needed to pursue academics and life with a positive perspective, a perspective that inspired me to relentlessly try my hardest in every activity. Whether learning in the classroom, competing in sports, or simply talking to peers, Lanham instilled solid Christian values that I’ve carried with me ever since.

Jeremie Guy graduated from Lanham Christian School in 2006 and went on to attain his undergraduate degree in 2010 from Towson University. Carrying the Christian values learned at Lanham, Jeremie went on to join AmeriCorps, volunteering to help people in need across the country. In 2013 Jeremie rode from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA with Bike and Build (a charity bike ride that benefited afforded housing). Jeremie now works for Williams Lea and is also an author. His debut novel was published with Anaphora Literary Press and was released in January 2016.

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