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Student Spotlight: Utopia Diabe

There is no doubt that our students work hard both in and out of the classroom. Today, we’d like to recognize Utopia Diabe, a rising senior. This summer, Utopia participated in the National Bar Association oratorical competition . Here is a testimony of her performance and results:

My daughter Utopia won the [regional competition] in DC and [we flew to the] National  Convention in New Orleans-Hilton Hotel. Out of ten contestants Utopia came 2nd and won a total of $4,200 in scholarships and other prices.  We are grateful for coming 2nd. The gentleman who came first was a contestant last year who came 3rd, he knew the rules and was familiar with the legal environment. We now have an opportunity to compete next year in New York at the 94th National Association Bar Association Convention.”

–Ms. Joanna Diabe

Utopia, we are so proud of you! We cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you moving forward.


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