LC goes the distance for Distance Learning

4th Grade teacher, Mr. Hill works with his class through Zoom.

Lanham Christian Administrators and teachers have worked together to develop comprehensive lesson plans and Science projects that allow all of our to continue their classes while at home.

Mrs. Richardson and the 3rd grade students work reciting their 50 U.S. states, Space exploration, and Math word problems.

Through the use of apps like, Khan Academy, and, our Elementary students can continue building their reading, math, and writing skills.

3rd Grader Jaleigh G. and her class sharing their
Biography presentations

Our Middle and High School teachers have stretched their creative teaching skills by staying contact with their students through Google Classroom, Instagram, Facebook posts, Zoom meetings, personal YouTube videos, and Facetime Lessons!

Mrs. Mobley prepares to teach her Middle School Class

Thank you to the BEST Distance Learning Staff ever !

1 Comment on LC goes the distance for Distance Learning

  1. Raymond Green // April 1, 2020 at 6:47 pm // Reply

    Roar Lions ROAR! Love being apart of this Journey! To God Be The Glory!

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