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Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Lanham Christian School.  It is our objective to come alongside Christian homes and local churches as we provide high quality education from a Christian worldview. I realize that there are many options available for families when it comes to their children’s education and appreciate the fact that you have taken a few minutes to consider our ministry.

We are a college preparatory day school with membership in both the Association of Christian Schools International and the Mid-Atlantic Christian School Association.  We are one of only two K-12 Christian schools in Prince George’s County that are fully approved by the Maryland State Department of Education’s Board of Accreditation and Certification.

We believe that — students in small classes perform better — in math, in reading, and in overall performance. That is why we limit our class size. Currently, our average elementary class has 11 students; our average middle school class has 12 students; and our average high school classes have 15 students.

There are many fine outreach schools that seek to bring Christian values to an unchurched student body. That is not our focus. We seek to partner with Christian homes and local churches to instill a Christian worldview in our students, equipping them to succeed in every aspect of their development.

If you are looking for:

  • A school with a high quality state approved academic program;
  • A school with small class sizes which provide significant amounts of individualized attention;
  • A school that will reinforce the Christian values that you have taught your children;

We ask that you take a closer look at LCS.

School Mission

LCS instills a thoroughly Christian worldview within all students, equipping them to succeed spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

Educational Philosophy

Stemming from our mission statement that recognizes God’s desire for development in every aspect of an individual (Luke 2:52), our commitment to providing a high quality education from a Christian worldview along with our biblical understanding that all truth comes from God, we have adopted the educational philosophy that education is a form of discipleship. This philosophy places priority on the content that students can learn through creation, natural, or special revelation. The classroom teacher has the responsibility to both communicate and model God’s revelation and purpose.

Admissions Policy

LCS admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities made available to all students at the school. LCS does not discriminate in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, athletic or other school administrative programs.

The educational ministry of LCS is most profitable when the school, the family and the church are in philosophical agreement. The following admission guidelines have been put in place to ensure that prospective families and the LCS learning community can effectively partner together in the development of prospective student(s):

  1. Prospective families will be provided a copy of the LCS student handbook and are asked to proceed with the application process only if they are in agreement with and are willing to abide by the policies contained in the handbook.
  2. The prospective family’s pastor must verify that the family is regularly attending the church and that the prospective parents are seeking spiritual direction for their children.
  3. The prospective family will be interviewed to help determine whether LCS and family perspectives are in accordance with the Statements of Faith of both LCS and GBC Lanham. Students from homes of unmarried partners living together or students from the homes of same sex couples will not be accepted.
  4. The prospective family is to provide any and all records from academic, behavioral and/or social development testing (or referrals) to LCS.
  5. LCS seeks to meet the needs of all prospective students; however, there may be some physical, social and academic considerations that need a level of specialized care which is not available at LCS. In order to determine educational need, the administration will review achievement tests, academic records and other records presented by the parents, to determine the student’s potential success in our program.
  6. If LCS cannot meet the fundamental needs of a prospective student, that student will not be admitted. If LCS can only meet the needs of the student in a minimal way, the administration will inform the parents of the limitations and allow the parents to decide whether or not to enroll their child.
  7. Prospective students who are admitted from other schools should have a behavior record that is average or above average. Students who display a strong desire not to attend LCS will not be admitted solely based on parental request.
  8. Prospective Pre-Kindergarten children should be four years old, prospective Kindergarten children should be five years old and prospective first grade children should be six years old by September 1st. The readiness of a prospective Kindergarten student will be determined by a developmental readiness test to be administered during the student interview.
  9. The Admissions Committee will make the final determination in matters of student admission. The administration will make the final determination on student placement. An application packet can be obtained in the school office or downloaded from the LCS website. Families desiring to enroll can contact the office to set up an interview. The following items need to be submitted to the office on or before the interview date: 1) application; 2) pastor’s letter; 3) Medical History Form; 4) previous grade report card; 5) standardized test results; 6) signed Parent Contract; 7) Immunization Record.