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Tuition Rates

LCS has an “Inclusive Tuition” policy, in which all student program fees have been rolled into tuition. There are no additional fees for the initial cost of textbooks, consumables, athletics, fine arts, standardized tests, technology, yearbook, graduation (K5 or 12th grade), or 9th – 12th grade retreat. The application fee is NOT included in tuition.

Grade Level Grades K4 & K5 Grades 1st – 5th Grades 6th – 8th Grades 9th – 12th
1st child $8,650 $7,850 $8,650 $9,150

There is a 20% discount for each additional child.  If families have children with varied tuition rates, the discounts will be applied to the lower tuition rate.  The multiple child discount is applied after all other forms of scholarship/aid have been applied.  Maximum tuition per family is $24,000.00.

All families choosing to pay tuition through a monthly payment plan will use the FACTS automated payment system.  The first month’s tuition is due in June 2018 (for the 12-month payment plan) or August 2018 (for the 10-month payment plan). If the total yearly bill is prepaid by June 1, 2018, a 5% discount is deducted from the tuition.

Single Student Tuition 12-Month Plan
(June – May)
10-Month Plan
(August – May)
K4 & K5                 $8,650 $720.83 $865.00
1st – 5th grades     $7,850 $654.17 $785.00
6th – 8th grades   $8,650 $720.83 $865.00
9th – 12th grades  $9,150 $762.50 $915.00

Application and Non-Program Fees

In addition to the above tuition charges, there are application and non-program fees for new students (or re-enrollment fees for returning students).  These fees are due at the time of registration or re-enrollment.

Application Fee Non-refundable
(new students only)

$300 for single student family  $500 for multiple student family

Re-enrollment Fee  (Returning Students)

$250 per family

AP Exam Fees


Private Piano/Voice Lessons

$25 per weekly lesson (billed via RenWeb)

Withdrawal Fee